I am Marta.
I live with a rosemary plant, a handsome lad called Kevin, and a cutesy pie boy named Martin. Martin's tarantula also lives with us, but I never see it and for the better cos it is real big and hairy.

I live in Galway now but I lived in Leterkenny, Navan, Roscera and Borris-in-Osorry. And before all that I lived in Poland, where I am from.
A am actually an archeologist and I am real good with a mattock and a shovel but now the only thing I should be good with is marketing. I am not good with marketing.

I do cards now, and posters and music videos, and headshots. And I just got some real amazing backdrops for the studio.

Kevin plays guitar, rosemary plant is turning carbon dioxide to oxygen, and Martin and his tarantula are probably up to no good.

Fair play for reading all the way down to here, you must be sound.